Friday, May 4, 2012

y u no speak?

Dear sir,

I was trying to be a good listener. It didn't mean I was not focusing on you when you was talking. Thanks.



Semoga hari esok tak macam ni dah. Provocation. Terima kasih. Maybe after this, when people say something, deliver some information, i need to interrupt and ask some question-that-everybody-knew. Aiyoyo.. *senget2kan kepala.

Apa apa pun, terima kasih sebab membuka mata ak supaya jadi lebih aktif. 

 Tetiba bila letakkan headphone dekat telinga, terdengar lagu what doesnt kill you, makes you stronger. Mendengar sambil relate dengan kejadian memalukan yang menimpa diri ini. Thanks. I'll try my best and do better. Cuz nisah, we have to knows no limit to succeed. Oke sweetheart?

One's best success comes after their greatest dissappointments... 


Dear me,

You're in career path now. Nobody will treat you like a kid and kiss your forehead when you're doing wrong. Try and be the best you can, improve yourself and dont be so timid. You're not an endangered species and you're not  that special. do you? ha! ha! ha! So, you dont need that special treat from the company. Bear in mind, tears doesnt make you look great and it wont change anything. Be strong, accept the challenge and prove it. 

                                                                           Dont look down and smile,

p/s: ..the sun always shining and the moon always there.

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