Saturday, January 22, 2011

the lost.

every cloud has a silver lining and i wonder which part of my life will tint with colour. some people say this life is like a sweet melody but only the lyric is messed up. so.. who is the composer? and... what is the instrument that will beat up the melody?

life is like a breeze that drift the sand at the desert. we may not recognize some people when the time pass by. do their heart fade juz like the sea wave that erase the words written on the wet sand? this is the time when the birds fly away and they're leaving the last thought in a falling feather.

" The rhythm of farewell’s string is still twanging…
I am composing the symphony of painless heart to guard myself,
From the overflowing waves of grief in the sea of farewell …
In my interval of dreams, I hear the orchestra of eternal story…
From the palace where unstained by the voice of farewell…
As I hear the peacefully sonata of heaven’s serenity,
I’ll cross the chaotic sea to the pure white utopia.
I’ll do my best to play the melody of the moon and earth,
To reach the place where I whispered in this piano’s timbres.
A palace unstained by sound of farewell… "
-mizushi hikari-

time passed by. people changed. so do i.

p/s: farewell... for a perished memory.

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