Wednesday, February 4, 2009

zombie of skype

it was a hectic night. such a storm or worst - maybe tornado that burst into my room (skype-ing thing).. i couldnt understand why ppl always point the fault to the other person right away... with the harsh words that i couldnt imagine.. n now, it makes me realizes that such ppl also belong to this world..

thats why we need to learn the communication skill. be rasional n put the emotion to the edge. think more (thats what our brain is used for). nope. i dont want to condemn anyone. i just cant believe why such (THIS) ppl dare to think like that. soo0o0o0o ridiculous.. we're still new in this field. give us the space to breath and improve this institution.

honestly, i want to think positive bout this matter (or to THAT person) and i want to make a confession that THAT person had spoilt my mood tonight. what the ---- he think?? argh!! again! i cant stop my emotion! sorry bout that. i tried to be rational... thanksfully my roomate had (help me) kick out his words cuz i couldnt continue the skype-ing battle..-talk to my hand!-
(fill the oxygen.. huu~)

im a girl. and have the emotion. but, at least, i'll never show my emotion in communication. AND he's a boy. why he always be over reaction on giving the WORDS.. ???

im a mere person (human) that will make mistake(s).. sorry to this blog as for the first time i will publish something that will annoy SOME ppl.

-and i'll never forgive n forget THAT person as long as he dont realize his mistakes although he claimed that he know me (who he think he is?) -

(cant forgive his manner NOT himself)


marissa norfis said...

boys are mostly like that..they tend to express their feeling straightly using words..but sometimes they dont really mean it at all...hmmm...tue lah...susah nak paham diorg nie..macam2..sabar je larr..huhu

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

siapekah die?huhu takpelah shinichi kena b'sabo byk. Jgn pk2 da.K bersemangat!

daznyte said...

org tu? dier tu silap org(skype).. tetibe jep nk gadoh.. tp beser r, ak ni x pndai nk mrh2.. so, serahkn kpd yg pakar- my rumet.. ahaha!! sian bdk tu kne mrh.. tp ak dh block dier dr skype... iyes!

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